Music videos & short films

Søren has been involved in creating music videos and short fiction for numerous artists. Additionally, below is a selection of featured short films.

The Royal Romanian ballet (Instruktion + Foto i Cph, 2020)

Papir – 7.2  (Instruktion + Foto + 3D, 2021)

Sons of Death Valley – Fight Song (Foto + Klip, 2017)

Adam&Noah  – Bare Smil Bro (2017, Foto)

Sicknature – The Rapper, The Producer (2017, Instruktion, Foto, Klip)

Albert Dyrlund – Hellerup-dreng  (Instruktion & Foto)

KESI – KU’ GODT (Foto)




Illusionisten – Desillusioneret (Foto & klip, 2013)

Short films

Short films are a great way to experiment with storytelling, cinematic techniques, and styles. Here are two short films directed by Søren.