Sicknature – Chemical Disorder

New Musicvideo Out!

Jacob Jorp Hansen and I (TwoTallMen) created this happycore musicvideo!

We shot and finished the film in 1 week.

Thanks alot to the actors and the crew. You made this possible!

Actors: Fie Drejer & Graeme Cochrane

Additional acting: Jacob Jorp Hansen, Thomas “Lærlingen” Thordahl Petersen,
Nelly Judmilla Jans, Frederik “GB” Emil Høyer-Christensen
Make-up artist: Ditte Nielsen
Head of Recording: Nelly Ludmilla Jans
2nd Unit Photography: Mitz Pebré
Special thanks to: Marie Brandt

Selected frames:

Skærmbillede 2013-09-25 kl. 16.20.23 Skærmbillede 2013-09-29 kl. 22.09.12 Skærmbillede 2013-09-29 kl. 22.08.20Skærmbillede 2013-09-29 kl. 22.10.33Skærmbillede 2013-09-29 kl. 22.11.05

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