It’s no secret that I’ve been working on the sketch show, Nyt fra Jylland, for almost half a year now.

As part of the marketing of the programme we at Immergut thought facebook would be a great media to expose the sketches and gain popularity of the show. Therefore we created an online campaign based on some short videos from the show. We wanted to let the audience know the different characters before the show was being broadcasted. The campaign was launched the 1 of october and so far the viral effect has exceeded our expectations.

The 1st. of october 2014 we had 595 likes on our facebook site:

The 10th. of october the number of likes was 1648!Screenshot 2014-10-10 16.16.29

The 31th. of october 2014 the number of likes was 7729

This equals a 1198,99% raise in popularity in just a month.

One of the reasons of the success was the videoes we posted doing the campaign. We set up the dogma that we wanted to make a post every day. Starting exactly ten days before the first broadcast date. We thought that making one post a day wouldn’t be annoying and then we had the ability to choice the best of the best sketches.

We started out by posting short sketches of the different characters of the show. We found out what characters the audience loved the most and began to post more videos of the beloved characters. This started a viral wave though-out whole Denmark and we managed to reach almost the whole country.

Here you can see insight in one of our viral videos. It was launched the 6th of october. The stats is from the 10th.

The official DR2 FB profile also posted one of our sketches. ‘Crazy Father’

In 24 hours the video was seen by more than 240.000 people!

In three days that number reached 500.000 views and a total reach of 1 million people.

I hope you enjoyed some insights in how an online marketing campaign can be rolled out. And the best thing about using Facebook and viral marketing. It’s completely free.In my opinion you don’t need to use ‘Boost post’ or similar services. It’s all a matter of knowing your audience and how to entertain without being annoying in the ‘traditional commercial way’.

That was all from now folks! I hope you will follow the programme every sunday at 21:00 on DR2!


Søren Bang Clemmensen

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