New campaign video for Ungdommens Rødekors

Last friday we shoot a new campaign film for Ungdommens Rødekors. We received a call from the guys at Hawaii Film.

The idea was to do a comparison video between how people react if they see a lonely dog tied to a bench and how they react if a lonely child is sitting on a bench. You can check our the video here:


The campaign also got noticed by 

10 INSPIRING MUSIC VIDEOS #1 (Creative special and visual effects)

The way filmmakers and musicians can fusion in a symbiotic mix is just mind-expanding. Sometimes the videos are supporting the music. Other times it’s more an interpretation or a new take on the music. There are many ways to make music videos. It’s the most experimenting platform in the film industry. There are simply no rules and many great techniques of story telling have been invented trough music videos. I’ll take you on a little journey through some of the most inspiring music videos. Many of the videos are from the golden age of music videos (red. 90’s and 00’s). In this first editing of ’10 Inspiring music videos’ we will take a look at videos with some awesome creative special and visual effects.


Radiohead – Street Spirit (Dir.: Jonathan Glazer)

Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity (Dir.: Jonathan Glazer)

Fatboy Slim – Praise You (Dir.: Spike Jonze)

Blur – The Universal (Dir.: Jonathan Glazer)

Massive Attack – Karmacoma (Dir.: Jonathan Glazer)

Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun (Dir.: Howard Greenhalgh)

Aerosmith – Pink (Dir.: Doug Nichol)

Chemical Brothers – Let Forever Be (Michel Gondry)

Aphex Twin – Rubber Johnny (Dir.: Chris Cunningham)

Eels – Novocaine for the Soul (Dir.: Mark Romanek)


I’m looking forward to post more inspiring stuff here on the blog 🙂


I’m proud to announce that BANG CLEMME FILM has moved to bigger office facilities.

I friend of mine tipped me about a new office collective called Kontoret på Gammeltorv. I found the values of the house very attractive: Social events, great meeting facilities, young entrepreneurs, so I didn’t hesitate to contact they guys and fortunate they had a free space.

11004571_409362819246792_6816243015203317353_o 10658515_315418638641211_4825095426625943178_o img_1542 1495323_409362865913454_4051790498720295339_o

Feel free to come by and grab a cup of coffee with me and the other lads there.

New campaign for Trendsales online

I made a viral video with the cool guys at Hawaii Film in order to celebrate the 12.5 year anniversary of Trendsales. You can read about the campaign here (danish) and also see the film:

Skærmbillede 2015-03-13 kl. 3.53.37 PM


Post campaign:

The campaign was a huge success on there Facebook-site. Over 20.000 views and lots of positive respons. The customer was happy with the film and hopefully more projects will come.



DR gave us the possibility to produce more ‘Nyt fra Jylland’-sketches.

The exact same crew from Immergut is making season 1.5.

The only difference is that Jorp  is filming the show this time. I, myself, will be editing and helping the guys with some crazy lines and random ideas during the writing process and post-production.

This time we will be making around 16 new sketches with some of the well-known characters from the first show (Flemming Betjent, Crazy Far, Naboerne and Redderne (Lars og Ole))

The Plan: DR will release a new sketch every Friday around 11:00 AM 

on their facebook pages;

DR Nyheder, DR2, DR3 and our own site Nyt fra Jylland –

The very first sketch was released Friday the 6th of March. It starred Flemming Betjent (Joachim Jepsen) and the danish comedian from ‘Drengene fra Angora’, Esben Pretzmann. The sketch was released Friday the 6th of March.

In order to make some statistics about the total views, likes and shares I did some accumulations of the fb-stats.

The screenshots are from Sunday at 9:49 PM  (Approx. 58 hours after the release.)

update viral marketing 2015 nyt fra jylland

We are thankful that we reached our audience and that they replied positive.

Many of the comments on the videos were tags of friends. We had a big share amount meaning that many people could associate with the sketch.

The show is written by Joachim Jepsen and René Riis, Produced by Immergut


#nytfrajylland #yolo

Upcoming projects

Hello World.

I’d like to share some of my upcoming projects with you.


1) First and foremost I’m proud to announce that we WILL make more ‘Nyt fra Jylland

Yes yes yes, DR wants a bunch of new sketches. We are making this primarily for their Facebook site! The same site we had a huge viral success on with over 1 mio. views on one sketch. Right now the new stories are being developed and we will be recording and editing in february and march. Please stay tuned because you want miss this!

The show will be produced by Immergut, filmed by my good mate Jorp and edited by me 🙂

2) Hawaii Film is a new company founded by my friends Pau La Cour and Sune Hjort. They are very busy at the moment and asked med if I could help them realising some projects. I’m glad to inform you that I will be making a new campaign for Trendsales. More to come here!

3) For the last month I’ve been helping JS DANMARK with some commercial photoshoots and commercials films. More will come and I’l keep you updated on this project.

4) I will be making some web-content film for the danish strategic bureau Peytz & Co.

Stay tuned for other news 🙂


Dear friends.

Just some pictures from my last one-man-one-camera production at Immergut.

We did a backstage programme about the event DR ULTRA GALLA.

The programme was planned by Alexander O’Strit. I filmed and Edited it.

The show has premiere the 4th of January. Right before ‘Arvingerne II’UG01 UG02  UG04 UG06 UG07  UG09 UG10  UG12  UG14




It’s no secret that I’ve been working on the sketch show, Nyt fra Jylland, for almost half a year now.

As part of the marketing of the programme we at Immergut thought facebook would be a great media to expose the sketches and gain popularity of the show. Therefore we created an online campaign based on some short videos from the show. We wanted to let the audience know the different characters before the show was being broadcasted. The campaign was launched the 1 of october and so far the viral effect has exceeded our expectations.

The 1st. of october 2014 we had 595 likes on our facebook site:

The 10th. of october the number of likes was 1648!Screenshot 2014-10-10 16.16.29

The 31th. of october 2014 the number of likes was 7729

This equals a 1198,99% raise in popularity in just a month.

One of the reasons of the success was the videoes we posted doing the campaign. We set up the dogma that we wanted to make a post every day. Starting exactly ten days before the first broadcast date. We thought that making one post a day wouldn’t be annoying and then we had the ability to choice the best of the best sketches.

We started out by posting short sketches of the different characters of the show. We found out what characters the audience loved the most and began to post more videos of the beloved characters. This started a viral wave though-out whole Denmark and we managed to reach almost the whole country.

Here you can see insight in one of our viral videos. It was launched the 6th of october. The stats is from the 10th.

The official DR2 FB profile also posted one of our sketches. ‘Crazy Father’

In 24 hours the video was seen by more than 240.000 people!

In three days that number reached 500.000 views and a total reach of 1 million people.

I hope you enjoyed some insights in how an online marketing campaign can be rolled out. And the best thing about using Facebook and viral marketing. It’s completely free.In my opinion you don’t need to use ‘Boost post’ or similar services. It’s all a matter of knowing your audience and how to entertain without being annoying in the ‘traditional commercial way’.

That was all from now folks! I hope you will follow the programme every sunday at 21:00 on DR2!


Søren Bang Clemmensen


Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 18.43.36

Hello people!

Lately I’ve been busy filming and editing a new sketch show for DR2. The sketch show is set to take place in the fictional danish city named ‘Jylland’. In the City of Jylland you will find some very cool and unpredictable characters. ex. The Hunters, Crazy Father and a classic neighbor war. The show is written by Joachim Jepsen and René Riis and produced by 

Joachim Jepsen and René Riis also plays all the characters in the show.You are more than welcome to follow our group on Facebook!


The first programme is set to broadcasted the the 12th of october 21:00 on DR2!