I just finished editing and colorgrading 8 episodes of a new web-series for danish, Langelænder. The series will be out in april and run the whole summer.

Customer: Anew

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I really like the danish poet Yahya Hassan and the danish comedian, Andreas Bo.

Andreas is a master in interpretations so I wrote him and asked if he could do an interpretation of Yahya Hassan. Andreas though it was a great idea and did the sketch at Godmorgen Danmark, TV2.

The video was spread all around Denmark having above 8.000 Likes and 2.200 shares within the first 24 hours it was online!

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I was hired by MAYDAY FILM to produce three behind-the-scenes / campaign videos for AIDS FONDET. I instantly hired Jorp to help med produce the films.

The shooting day was awesome. Everyone on the set was in a good mood and we managed to produce some cool material!

We worked with the lovely girls from Aids Fondet and photographer Steven Freiheit.

Guests: Thomas Buttenschøn, Huxi Bach and Asger Aamund.huxi og Thomas Check out info about the campaign and check out one of the films here:


New Commercial for Kompan!

Some weeks ago I received a call from the danish award-winning Hasselblad Photographer, Ken Hermann.

He was going to do a photoshoot for the company, Kompan.

The location was in Hamborg, DE and he asked if it was  possible for me to make some film commercials without disturbing the photoshoot!

Of course I was into the job but unfortunately I wasn’t able to be at the shoot my self so I send me fellow film buddy from TwoTallMen, Jacob Jorp Hansen.

He did a fantastic job.

Right now I’m doing the editing part in FCP X and I must say it’s an excellent program for productions like this.

More to come .. 🙂

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Sicknature – Chemical Disorder

New Musicvideo Out!

Jacob Jorp Hansen and I (TwoTallMen) created this happycore musicvideo!

We shot and finished the film in 1 week.

Thanks alot to the actors and the crew. You made this possible!

Actors: Fie Drejer & Graeme Cochrane

Additional acting: Jacob Jorp Hansen, Thomas “Lærlingen” Thordahl Petersen,
Nelly Judmilla Jans, Frederik “GB” Emil Høyer-Christensen
Make-up artist: Ditte Nielsen
Head of Recording: Nelly Ludmilla Jans
2nd Unit Photography: Mitz Pebré
Special thanks to: Marie Brandt

Selected frames:

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Commercial shoot – Ils

I just shot a new commercial with my D600

I really enjoyed the water scenes as you can see on the pictures.

The film was edited and approved a few days after the shooting.

A satisfied costumer who only had positive feedback.

The film was made together with Timm and Reza from Homerun Group.

Homerun Group was the production company.

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