For the past two weeks I’ve been editing and color grading at the danish company, Mayday Film.

The task was to edit a 2 hour long stand-up show with the danish entertainer and comedian, Andreas Bo.

The show will soon be out on DVD. Watch out for it. It’s hilarious!





There is a darkness rising …

Dear Visitor.

Welcome to my site.

On this site you will find company information and details about current and past productions.

Currently I’m working as a freelance Editor/Cinematographer but I also have experience in directing, producing, visual arts and as a photographer.

I love making motion pictures and will always try to push the limits of storytelling.

Beside this I’m the co-founder of ‘Two Tall Men’ (A Creative Film Collective) along with my friend, Jacob Jorp Hansen.


Have a nice day


/ Søren Bang Clemmensen